CNC Machining Jobs and Education


More and more schools around the nation are seeing the value in adding classes, certificates, and degrees that relate to CNC machining jobs. Recently, Ivy Tech in Fort Wayne Indiana added CNC certification courses to its school’s program:

To meet the job skill needs of northeast Indiana manufacturers, Ivy Tech Community College-Northeast has unveiled a certification program for computer numerical control machine operators.

The demand and opportunities for CNC operators in northeast Indiana is growing.

“There are currently 184 job openings in northeast Indiana for CNC operators,” said Cathy Maxwell, Ivy Tech’s vice chancellor for Academic Affairs.

They are not the only ones, as CNC machining job opportunities and successful school programs in the Buffalo NY area has also been noted in the media recently:

On Erie Community College’s North Campus in Amherst, the college’s CNC program has hit a sweet spot in the local economy. Six students enrolled in 2003. This year, there were 100 graduates.

Students who complete the program have 100 percent job placement, said Nathan Witkowski, program chairman and professor of industrial technology

Pinellas Technical College Machining Courses

Pinellas Technical College Machining Courses

Here locally in Florida students have several schools to choose from for CNC machining job training and certification, including: Sarasota County Technical Institute; Pinellas Technical College; and Florida State College in Jacksonville to name a few. Check with your local community college or ask those in the business where they received their training from. If you’re looking for a job in machining, there are opportunities, and having the right education is a stepping stone to a rewarding career in machining and fabrication.